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Next Deadline - 31st January 2018 - Last date for submission of 2016/17 Tax Returns

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Fees - the change to monthly

My fees will be changing to monthly collection rather than annually. This article tells you why and when you may be moving.

Making Tax Digital - An update and VAT

Making Tax Digital is coming first for those registered for VAT.

    Self Employed - Class 2 NI 

    Delays to NI changes...

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My Fees and Charges

 Fees correct as at  January 2018

This is rare, an Accountant who actually quotes his fees.

Accountants often shroud their fees in secrecy and hide behind the "every business is different" excuse. Of course every business is different but let's be honest in many ways they are the same. They have turnover, expenses and hopefully make a profit.

The fees I quote naturally assume a competent bookkeeping and record keeping system but include everything you would want with no hidden extras and the price is all inclusive to include year-end Accounts, Tax Return & tax calculations and unlimited e-mail / phone assistance. There is no VAT or other charges to add on.

If I complete the record keeping for you this will be done using a Cloud based record keeping system enabling the business to be ready for the HMRC reporting changes coming in 2019 and 2020. 

 If you fit the description above you will pay the figure quoted but if you feel your circumstances are different, either smaller (however much smaller) or larger and you would like an individual quote get in touch using the form on the contact page and I will be delighted to give you the cost. 

I meet my clients at my place or at yours and I don't charge for these visits or meetings. There is never any obligation and if I can help you I will even deal with the cross-over from your previous accountant.


Put simply this is honest, professional accountancy at a sensible, fair and transparent cost.


MONTHLY FEES - Effective for new clients from January 2018

I ask for low monthly payments soon after you join me. My fees are listed clearly so you can see them on this page.  My monthly fixed fees are charged per month of trading that I deal with. If you join me a while after your accounting period end, I may need to charge you a little more per month for a short while to catch up. All fees are collected by Direct Debit.



 Payment  Options



 You do   the  record  keeping

 Not VAT  Registered


 You do the  record  keeping

 VAT Registered


 I do the  record  keeping*

 Not VAT   Registered

 I do the  record  keeping*

 VAT  Registered

 Sole Trader   £25 pm       £30 pm^   £35 pm   £40 pm^
 Partnership   £35 pm   £50 pm   £60 pm   £65 pm
 Limited  Company    £65 pm   £75 pm   £80 pm   £90 pm
 Sub  Contractor  Only   £20 pm   £25 pm   £35 pm   £40 pm 
 Landlord   £15 pm,      per    landlord,    per  property   N/A   £20 pm, per    landlord,   per  property   N/A 

 All Monthly  Fees   Collected  in  advance  by  Direct  Debit

   ^^Up to £100k Turnover  Any other   services  such  as  Payroll  can  be  bolted  on  for a  monthly   fee  agreed  between  us.  *Max 60  transactions  pm. For   more  POA



You may be part of the way through your accounting year or are using an ‘offline’ bookkeeping system. Don’t worry, I can take over at any time, from any system. If completely necessary, e.g. if your records aren’t tidy or computerised, I may need to charge you more than my published monthly fixed fees for the first year . 

Also if completely necessary, I may need to charge you more per month initially, or a one-off fee to ‘catch-up’ with your accounts. For example, I may need to ask for double the normal fees shown on the above form for the first six months, or for a full year up front. 

It really depends upon your own individual circumstances and you will always know and agree the fee before I start.



ANNUAL FEES - wef 1st January 2018 - Existing Clients (2018 Financial Year End) and Catch up clients (any Financial Year End)

Service Example

Annual Fee From


 Accounts and Tax Return - sole trader start up period, part-  time or hobby with turnover less than £5,000


 Accounts and Tax Return - Non VAT registered sole traders


 Accounts and Tax Return - VAT registered sole trader up to  100k turnover


 Accounts and Tax Return - VAT registered sole trader  turnover above 100k but below 250k


 Sub contractor Accounts and Tax Return (CIS, non VAT  registered)


 Partnership Accounts and Tax Return (Non VAT - 2 partners)  includes individual Tax Returns for partners


 Partnership Accounts and Tax Return (VAT reg, 2 partners up  to 120k) includes individual Tax Returns for partners


 Limited company Statutory and Abbreviated Accounts,  Corporation Tax - non VAT with 1  director 
 *Includes director's individual Tax Return & RTI  PAYE  service  if required (for extra Directors add £50)


 Limited company, Statutory and Abbreviated  Accounts  -  VAT registered with 1 director
 *Includes director's individual Tax Return & RTI  PAYE  service  if required (for extra Directors add £50)


 Individual Tax Return with Rental Letting income Accounts  -  1 property (additional properties + £75 per property)


 Joint owned property, two Tax Returns with Rental Letting  income Accounts  -  1 property (additional properties + £75  per property)   £175*
 Foster Carer Tax Return Service              £100




OTHER FEES - Stand Alone or can be apportioned on a monthly basis as agreed between us

 VAT Registration  £65
 VAT Return only using your bookkeeping  £65  per  quarter
 PAYE / CIS Registration  £65
 Payroll Services per employee per pay run  £1
 Payroll minimum annual fee - Monthly Pay run  £120
 Payroll minimum annual fee - Weekly Pay run  £260
 Payroll end of year return and P60's and P11D's  £30
 Auto Enrollment Set-Up with NEST  £175
 CIS Scheme per contractor per pay run  £1
 CIS Scheme minimum annual fee - Monthly CIS Return  £120
 Setting up a Limited Company  £125
 Setting up a Limited Company + VAT and PAYE  £175
 Prep of Company Confirmation Statement (old Annual   Return) to Inc C House Fee  £65
 Act as Registered Office for Company  £65
 Dormant Company Accounts and CT600  £150
 Individual Self Assessment Tax Return - All figures supplied  £100
 Letters to HMRC re PAYE Codings, misc matters           £25
 Tax Enquiry Work  £25ph
 General One-Off Advice re Tax eg, CGT, PAYE, VAT, S/Emp,  Partnership, Incorporation, Record Keeping, Enquiries etc  £30ph
 Completion of Income and other references / forms  £25



















































If you wish to change Accountants all I would need are one or two details of you and if applicable your accountant. That’s it! I'll do the rest. You can sign up and change accountants at any time and the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll benefit from my advice and support.

To start or simply wish to have a chat please feel free to contact me or complete my contact form by clicking HERE and I'll be in touch very soon.


Many thanks

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